Recognizing the Perfection.

I began writing this post two days ago. I’ve brought into real-time the things that need to be, but left others, such as July 30’s stunning weather description. It’s my blog so I can do what I want, right? Or as we say in our family now:  It is what it is.

I wish you could feel how wonderful The Porch is today.

Let me see if I can describe to you what it feels like this July 30. A light breeze is blowing in non-stop waves. The sun is out. The sky is blueblueblue and there isn’t a breath of humidity to be found. I’m sitting on The Porch and, although it is 98% shaded, in the dead of Summer…read NOW…it is normally way too hot to sit out here at 5:00 pm. Today….perfection.

This? Perfection.

Pretty much describes my life right now. Perfection. And because those two words, life and perfection, don’t really belong together I will explain what I mean. Perfection, according to my google online dictionary means, “the condition, state, or quality of being free or as free as possible from all flaws or defects.” Or as free as possible…*emphasis mine.*

I’m trying to recognize, more, the perfection. And less of the flawed, the defected, the painful, the ugly.

I’m an admitted amateur at this perfection viewing. For me, the flawed, defected and painful is way more easy to focus on I have never been an optimist. I married one. His momma was one. I would say of my three darling children, only one is a true optimist; one flirts with optimism after first jumping head long into pessimism and the third one is just a grump most days with not much that is positive to speak of. You figure out which is which.

I am finally feeling like I am getting a handle on things around here. On me. Notice I did not use the “C” word, Susan D….control has been eradicated from my vocab. Today, however, I feel almost on top of things…work, relationships, my health (knowing what I need to do and mapping out a plan to get ‘er done…I’m a huge planner, fyi. Follow through…not so much.) My house, well, it’s all a work in progress, right?

This weekend we are having Thanksgiving in August. Some have been mocking the event, but really, what’s not to love? Turkey (assuming I can actually find a whole turkey in August), stuffing, mashed potatoes, corn pudding, pie and more pie, cranberry sauce, gravy, all of it. Even my own foodie children were making grumbling noises about it. One even asked if this meant no Thanksgiving in November. Where did I go wrong with these brats children?

Pulling together all of The Wild Boy’s college gear…Pretty much have it all purchased just need to wash it up, organize it…as if that will matter to him. We head to Roanoke on August 21 and move drop him and run the morning of August 22.

Have I mentioned to y’all that I am giving up wine the month of August? That’s in two days. I’m giving up the wine, and I have my food plan working and my workout plan lined up. Been doing it all sporadically. Need to focus on a month of Just Doing The Thing. The healthy eating, getting serious again about working out. It’snotforeverIt’snotforeverIt’snotforever. Am I the only one who has to say that to myself? I can give up food or coffee or whatever if I tell myself that today I am not eating this but I can have some tomorrow if I want to.

My only cup of coffee this morning: half coffee, 1 tsp raw sugar, heated and whipped lactose free half and half.

My Facebook peeps really have me thinking about the running thing. A few years ago, okay maybe ten, when I lost a ton of weight by working out 2 hours every day and pretty much starving myself…I’m not condoning it, just being real…I was getting bored with walking 3-5 miles and started throwing in some jogging. I didn’t hate it. So give me some time to start walking regularly again and I will look into, seriously, the running clubs/programs y’all recommended. Although I don’t understand why I would consider it after long-time runner Diane S was running, took a nasty fall and broke bones just last week.

We have a humongous storage unit that is paid for through December. My In-Love’s stuff and, truth be told, some of our own stuff so that we could actually move around in our basement. Between now and December, that will all have to be pulled out, gone through, gotten rid of. My Husband is now using the term, “down-sizing.” *shudder* I pretend to be on board but honestly, we had to go through his parent’s stuff and help my mom and dad go through their stuff and why shouldn’t we torture bless our own children with the task? Okay, I get it. Down-sizing it is. I’m totally on board. Not.

So that’s enough for now, I guess. For those of you counting, there are exactly 20 days until the umbilical cord is cut and my baby moves in to his dorm at Radford; 145 days until Christmas (No, I have not started playing Christmas music yet…give me some credit. I wait until September.); and 351 days until the 2015 Annual Smith/Secrist Beach Week at OBX.

Thank you, by the way, for all of the love during the last few weeks. We know we have The Best Family and Friends and are truly thankful for you all.


Current Obsessions.

Still no pics or video of my Christmas Planner/Binder. By now, y’all are probably wondering if said planner/binder truly exists. I assure you that it does. *and not just in my head*

Today instead, I want to share with you some of the things I am currently obsessed with/in love with/enjoying. This is not a list.

Not a list #1: Christmas. Duh. Clearly, I am totally infatuated with all things Christmas. Just because my love language happens to be gifts does not mean I am all about the gifts. *well, yeah, actually, I am*

Not a list #2: Christmas Blend. In case you live on Mars and don’t know what I’m talking about:

Hello, Lover

Christmas Blend is my absolute, all-time favorite Starbucks blend. I know that a few of you know that since I usually receive about 20 pounds of it for Christmas. FYI…so far, I have only received ONE STINKIN’ POUND of beans and that is because I made My Man drive to Starbucks and get me some. Get with the program, people. *please note that I had two cups of Christmas Blend this morning and then hit the Starbucks on the way home from the Walmarts and grabbed a grande Christmas Blend to go…I may be over-reacting a bit*

Not a list #3: Christmas music. Wait, I’m beginning to see a theme. Doesn’t matter. I love Christmas Music. My favorite Christmas album is this one:

We bought this years ago and it is still my favorite. A close second would be this:

Not a list #4: Fall/Winter/Christmas-y scented wax melts. I have my tart burners going at home (3 of them) and also the one in my office at the church. Goose Creek is my favorite. I love their humble beginnings. The melts are the yummiest. This one is melting and filling my office with heavenly smells this very moment:

Not a list #5: These:


I will end with those little discs of awesomeness.

Love you guys.

It Doesn’t Count if They are Bible Study Books, Right?

Ahhh….addictions. We humans are woefully addicted, aren’t we?

Okay. I AM WOEFULLY ADDICTED! To Books. And Coffee. Let’s begin with the books this morning, shall we?

I HAD to purchase two books. I mean, I ran across them on another blog and they were HIGHLY RECOMMENDED as MUST HAVES if you are serious about your bible studying. I am oh, so, serious about my bible studying. So, I had to have this and this. I can hardly wait for them to arrive so that they can join the stacks of my other study helps.

And the coffee.

Sweet. Nectar. Of. Life.

I could have sent The Boy to Caribou. But that is all the way over on the other side of town! I mean, it would be a waste of gas (and we all know how expense that is) and his time (he has many, many projects to catch up on for me) and really. I just plain needed me some good, coffee shop brewed coffee. So I relented. And I sent him to the dreaded Starbucks. He knows my feelings about Starbucks lately. But he laughed out loud when he walked in. They were brewing my absolute favorite. Verona. Ohhhhhh…..yesssss. Life is suh-weet!

But I’m not going back again. Nope. I’ll just send The Boy. And once My Girl gets her license, I’ll send her.