It’s all about the gifts, baby. Santa, Baby, that is.

I texted The Children this morning and asked them to text me some ideas for Christmas presents for them.

So far, I have this response from The Big Boy, “idk. i haven’t even looked yet.”

This response from My Girl, “Don’t care. lol. Let you know if I think of something.”

And, typically, from The Wild Boy, he sent me two pictures:

Both of which, by the way, were on MY Christmas list to My Man Santa this year. 
The Wild Boy also texted me the following items for his list, “cigars & ammo, PS4, BF4, C4 (yes, the explosive).” 
And y’all wonder why I refer to him as “The Wild Boy.”
I’ve been working on my Christmas Planner/Binder. I wanted to have up a video or at least some pics today, but that’s just not happening since I’ve been down with the stomach crud. So I am just going to share my dividers with you:
Receipts (I’ve put these in a zippy pencil pouch)
To Do (everything I need to do, including, “put together Christmas Planner/Binder” which now looks like this, “put together Christmas Planner/Binder”.
Christmas Gifts (a blank page as of this moment)
Christmas Meal (because we are all about the food here, this page is pretty filled up)
Christmas Baking (ditto)
Christmas Card List

All of my dividers are written in red sharpie. I am using red, green, silver and gold Sharpies and pencils for all of my Christmas Planner/Binder entries because I am OCD festive like that.
Once I’m feeling better, tomorrow morning at the latest is my self-imposed deadline for feeling better, I will at least post pics if not a quick video.
If you decided to create a Christmas Planner/Binder, let’s see some pics or at least hear about what you did!
Also, remember we are going to do this beginning the first week of January. If there is enough interest in participating, I will even set up a site for us to share and chat on!
Love you guys. 


‘Tis the Season to make lists…

Christmas Binder

We are officially in crazy-overdrive-good-golly-it’s-the-Christmas-Season here at Smith Abbey. This time of year brings out the uber-obsessive in my OCD and I make lists for all of my lists. Some of the things I’m listing:

Christmas presents, of course.
Thanksgiving Menu items. I haven’t even begun the grocery list for this…just the menu items.
Apparently there are 1,345 people joining us for Thanksgiving if you read my planned menu.
Making a printed menu for the tables is also on my list.
We have a ton of things going on at church, also, so I have many lists involving church events. My fibro fog, yes, it is a real thing, has to behave between now and January 1.
College applications are done, thanks to My Man, but we have several college visits in December.
Next week is the Senior Football Banquet. Guess who is in charge of that? Thankfully, My Man, who is just as OCD as his wife, took over the planning and is making it happen.
But I still have duties (for you, Jen A.) that I am responsible for. Thus, a couple of lists.
I’m also pulling together my annual Christmas binder. This is the first year I am doing this officially, but I totally believe it will become an annual thing.
If I remember to do it next year. See fibro fog reference above.
I’ve begun planning my Christmas Menu. I think it will be just us, Trav and hopefully, Bryan and Gunner, for Christmas Day.

After I finish my Christmas Binder, I will share it with you here on This Girl.

How do y’all handle this time of year? Has anyone else begun thinking about some changes they want to make next year, in general? I refuse to call them New Year’s Resolutions. Resolutions sounds so…final decision like.

Love you guys. Off and running to the Costco, Party Depot, Giant, Lunch and movie (Thor) with My Man and children!