‘Twas Five Days Before Christmas and all Through the House…

I have a lot to talk about. I will try not to ramble.

Too much.

I want to say right up front that I have not been depressed this Christmas. I truly have not. But, I just haven’t been Christmas-y Susan. Sure, I’ve been playing music since October and I will continue to play it for a couple more weeks. And, I have loved it. By the way, my favorite Christmas CD is Casting Crowns: Peace on Earth. I’ve also been loving David Crowder Band Christmas. I know, right. DCB? It is awesome. And different. And awesome. And they play some Tran-Siberian Orchestra. Which is awesome.

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It has been a really difficult week. I will be blogging later about bullying and and its impact. The day after we lost a West Springfield High School Spartan Freshman Football player to suicide, I wrote a “knee-jerk” post about it that I still have saved, but decided not to post. I don’t have the answers. But I can tell you how it has impacted me. And us. And our community. And, more importantly, how it hasn’t. I allowed myself to mourn for this family and they continue to be on my heart and in my prayers. If you think of it, please send up a prayer for the Stevens Family.

The whole Duck Dynasty thing? I absolutely do have an opinion. And it’s just that. My own opinion. If you want to hear it then email me. There has certainly been enough about it this week without throwing my two cents in out on the Internet.

The Christmas Stockings were found today. Four days before Santa needed to fill ’em. We can have Christmas now. I have to say I was way more upset about it then I ever let on. But my people knew. Because they know me. The Stocking is the Best Part of Christmas Morning. Seriously. Reaching in and feeling around and pulling out one thing at a time from my stocking has always been my favorite part of Christmas. And our children’s also. They have been allowed, ever since they were old enough to come down the stairs by themselves on Christmas morning, to go through their stockings. I allowed them to do it because I figured they were doing it anyway. Like I always did. *I may or may not have always gone through my sister’s also. Before she came down. And then I may or may not have gone back upstairs to wake her up. Y’all just don’t know. I was a mess. It’s always been about the stuff gifts with me.*

This year we have really cut back on Christmas. Partly because I just wasn’t into it; partly as a conscious effort to cut back. Let’s be real. My People need n-o-t-h-i-n-g. Every couple of weeks, My Girl hauls a bag of clothes out of her room for ECHO and spends the next couple of weeks restocking from the stores. She is an extremely savvy shopper so I can’t give her grief. She always comes home with the cutest jeans that she picks up for a buck or two at the consignment shops. She did not learn this from me. I have never bought a single piece of clothing from a consignment or thrift shop. It’s on my Bucket List for 2014.

The puppy ate my decorative fabric garland I had hanging on the fireplace. I’m still not over it. And he knows it. Every time he sees me he gets all prancy and ears up for a second and then remembers he was a Bad Dog and the ears go down and he tries to lick me. I suppose I will have to make my own. If you have any fabric scraps, I will take them! Joycie and Lady Di…this means YOU. You bring me scraps…I will make you one, also.

Speaking of making. It is now five days out from Christmas and I haven’t even started my projects for everyone. Thankfully, it is a quick project, but still. I work so much better under pressure. Mostly because I’m a major procrastinator which means I’m always working under extreme pressure. One of my resolutions goals for 2014 is to Just Do It. Whatever it is…just get it done. We will see how that works out. Fifty-three Forty-eight years of pressure-driven performance is a hard habit to break, I’m guessing.

Yes, I do have a birthday coming up in a little over a month. Yippee.

Okay, so I’ve give you a couple of weeks to stew on the whole thing. For a recap, read my post here. I’m doing this. Who is in? Go here to order from Amazon and This Girl ears a few pence in compensation. Get your book NOW. Your first assignment (my first assignment as well) is to read the introduction prior to our start. I’m thinking, because I have so many things I’m resolving determining to do in 2014 beginning in January, that we will actually begin getting serious about reading and sharing and doing the second week in January. So, let me know if you are in.

Okay, the Peanut Blossom dough has been chillin’ long enough and now it is time to start baking. I love to bake. I keep telling Shawn that he and I need to have our own cooking show. He will cook and I will assist. And holler at him to clean up as he goes along and after himself and we can have real life knock-down drag out mom-son fights right on the air. This wouldn’t be no Paula Deen and Sons love fest, I assure you. Also, My Girl would be My Prep Girl from when I bake and Shawn assists me. She is awesome at it. My Man could wander around the set and we would tell him to go find things and he would ask where they are and we would go get them ourselves because he can’t find anything and frankly, it’s just easier to do it yourself. And The Wild Boy? Well, he would sit in a chair, texting and chatting with a ton of girls. There. You have a glimpse into the reality that is my every day. I say, let’s get paid for it!

Love you guys. Hope you are safe and comfy and loved and ready for Christmas.


It’s all about the gifts, baby. Santa, Baby, that is.

I texted The Children this morning and asked them to text me some ideas for Christmas presents for them.

So far, I have this response from The Big Boy, “idk. i haven’t even looked yet.”

This response from My Girl, “Don’t care. lol. Let you know if I think of something.”

And, typically, from The Wild Boy, he sent me two pictures:

Both of which, by the way, were on MY Christmas list to My Man Santa this year. 
The Wild Boy also texted me the following items for his list, “cigars & ammo, PS4, BF4, C4 (yes, the explosive).” 
And y’all wonder why I refer to him as “The Wild Boy.”
I’ve been working on my Christmas Planner/Binder. I wanted to have up a video or at least some pics today, but that’s just not happening since I’ve been down with the stomach crud. So I am just going to share my dividers with you:
Receipts (I’ve put these in a zippy pencil pouch)
To Do (everything I need to do, including, “put together Christmas Planner/Binder” which now looks like this, “put together Christmas Planner/Binder”.
Christmas Gifts (a blank page as of this moment)
Christmas Meal (because we are all about the food here, this page is pretty filled up)
Christmas Baking (ditto)
Christmas Card List

All of my dividers are written in red sharpie. I am using red, green, silver and gold Sharpies and pencils for all of my Christmas Planner/Binder entries because I am OCD festive like that.
Once I’m feeling better, tomorrow morning at the latest is my self-imposed deadline for feeling better, I will at least post pics if not a quick video.
If you decided to create a Christmas Planner/Binder, let’s see some pics or at least hear about what you did!
Also, remember we are going to do this beginning the first week of January. If there is enough interest in participating, I will even set up a site for us to share and chat on!
Love you guys. 

Are You talking to Me?

The writing seems to be opening up a bit. Whole lot of stuff swirling around in my head to write about, just waiting for a tiny opening to escape. Kind of like acupuncture. Thomas keeps telling me that he is opening up the flow to whichever area he is currently opening the flow to, and that the twirling and poking and toggling of the needles will do just that. The pain will be worth it. Not that it is painful, usually. But sometimes it is.

Kind of like the writing. Writing can be painful, at times. Trying to snatch one idea out of the hundreds flitting around in my head always reminds me of blowing a dandelion fluff ball into the wind and trying to grab each seed out of the air before they all fly away on the breeze. This is why I need to sit down, pull each of these thoughts out of the air my brain, write them down and plan my blogging. Which I have yet to do. Ever.

Maybe once I get my house picked up and more organized. 

I have been feeling the nudge to do something about all of this stuff. Periodically, I will read a tweet or post from someone who is reading or has read Jen Hatmaker’s book, 7. Here and here are some write-ups about her book. This morning a sweet bloggy friend, Fran, posted on her “More than a Mission Trip” Facebook page that she and her two partners-in-crime friends are in the process of doing the 7 bible study. (Here is their website.) She had read the book last year and participated in the 7 fasts. I’ve been thumped on the head by God about this before. I’ve always denied He was really meaning for me to actually buy the book and do this because, after all, one of my biggest excesses is books and I would have to buy the book and, possibly, the bible study. Which should be my first clue that this is really what I am supposed to do. Me? Not want to buy a book? Clear case of fear and disobedience.

So, long story short, I just ordered the book 7. Now I’m wondering the following:

1. What the heck was I thinking?
2. Is it too late to cancel my book order?
3.  Who wants to take this journey with me?

4. I’m not getting rid of any of my books. Just saying up front that that is not open for discussion.

Seriously. Who is in?

Love you guys…to excess and back!