Welcome! I’m Susan. Coffee is my go-to, light on the sugar and cream. I’m a wife, mom of th1525520_10152534462577575_205010123_nree…four come June 4 when My Girl marries The Fiancé. Dogs, cats and horses make me happy. The Washington Nationals are going to be the 2014 2015 2016 World Series Champs (#34 and #8 are my faves). I love Country music. I excel at sarcasm and discernment…aka my “Spidey Sense.” I used to be that girl…angry, mean, self-absorbed. Now, by the Grace of God and some pretty amazing people in my life, I am *still becoming* This Girl…thankful and blessed beyond measure and grateful that God allowed me to keep my sarcastic side. Here at This Girl you will find, I hope, a little bit of everything right now. I write about the spiritual, the mess, the grief, the joy, and sometimes, just to annoy a couple of my faithful, a list. My people are my life. ABO has my heart and I can’t wait to see him again. 5ThisIsTheYearIPurposeTo-5[3]


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