Wednesday Morning Simple Thankfuls.

…closing my eyes and hearing…feeling…the pounding of the waves on the shore, calling me back…

…leaving a bedroom window open to hear the dusting of raindrops on leaves throughout my dreams…

…that perfect stillness, just before the dawn…

…needing a sweatshirt for my morning quiet time on the porch…two weeks into August…

…the soft footprints of the last child in safely for the night…

…overcast days that cry out for all of my small, soft lighting to glow…

…whispered promises made to my unseen God in the darkness…

…a Voice that hears…and answers…

Love you guys.



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  1. You SERIOUSLY need to write a book. Your descriptive prose is amazing.


  2. Aww. Thanks, Joycie. I don't think y'all could handle a book by me, lol. Or maybe…my family couldn't handle ME during the writing of my book!
    Love ya.


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