10 Things I love About Monday.

I’ve always been a huge fan of fruit. If stranded on a desert island, I would demand three things: The Book of Psalms, my light flannel sleep pants, and an endless supply of blueberries. Really, though, would any of us have a choice in what we would be able to grab, let alone demand, if we were going to be stranded on a desert island? It just doesn’t make any sense, does it? Also, notice that is desert island, not dessert island, Susan D.

This summer I have reconfirmed my commitment to blueberries by consuming mass quantities of those delicious, sweet, blue berries. Pretty sure my eye color has gone from green to a blue(berry) green the last few weeks.

So the Nats have won a couple of games. Big. Deal. But, I am watching them again. I knew that if I said they were dead to me and stopped watching the games, they would begin to win. Like any good parent, I knew that withdrawing my affection until they started living up to their potential would work. *that last statement explains a lot, doesn’t it?* And I’m not a “get on the band wagon” kind of fan. I have followed and loved the Nats since I gave up my ticket so that my son could go to their Opening Game.

Recently, I’ve fully embraced the Sabbath as a Day of Rest. I’m on the Worship Team and we practice Sunday mornings beginning at 8:45. Ideally, that would mean I am at the church by 8:30 to get settled and tune up my 12-string. Clearly, there is no sleeping in on Sunday mornings. We usually get home after church and lunch around 2:00. By 2:15 today, I was asleep in my bed. This has become my Sunday routine. And, let me share a secret with you, I. Am. Loving. It. Taking Sunday as a day of rest helps me to regroup after a long week, and prepare for the coming week. I highly recommend it.

Some thankfuls…

rescued kitties that follow me around, showing the love…

new neighbors who just happen to be your new pastor and his wife…

saying goodbye to friends, knowing you will be forever friends…

choosing Joy…

a trip to the ER with The Wild Boy that ends well physically as well as at iHop for late afternoon breakfast…

text messages from My Girl saying vacation just isn’t vacation without the rest of her family there…


By now you have figured out that this post has nothing to do with Monday…

Love you guys.


2 thoughts on “10 Things I love About Monday.

  1. Don't the kids in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory turn blue from eating too many blueberries? We're waiting for a pic with THAT blog entry! (lol) Hope TWB is okay today.


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