I am a technology hound. I love my iPhone, iPod, iMac, PC, iPad, music in every room, nice big flat screen in the living room with surround sound. All of it.

Also, clearly I am spoiled beyond reason. We are spoiled beyond measure. Sometimes I feel terribly guilty over it. Being such a Princess. Or The Queen as my Wild Boy used to call me. And probably still does, behind my back.

music…no matter my mood, music will speak to me, calm me, lift me up, make me dance…

sitting on my porch, hearing My Girl inside, singing as she starts her day. just as she has since she was a baby and found her voice…

closing my eyes, hearing Your whisper as it sings through the leaves and branches…

watching my children interact with each other; jumping out to scare each other, dog each other about little things that make us family, joking with each other, hugging each other with a look of feigned disgust…

sharing with my children a Word that spoke to me…deep calls to deep…

which leads to laughing and giggling as we attempt to recall and sing a song learned in Mission Friends…complete with hand motions…

recalling friends and family along this journey who have touched us in ways no one else has. nor ever will…

Love you guys.


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  1. Made me cry. Very nice post, Susan.


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