10 Things you probably do not know about me…unless you are family or have known me for a long time…

You know I love me a list:

1. I can draw. But I haven’t for years. Thinking about taking it up again.

2. I can play the guitar. And the piano.

3. Oh, and I sing. Harmony.

4. I do not like to fly. Consequently, I have missed many a good time that was merely a plane ride away.

5. I do not like to camp. Period.

6. I owned a red hot Red Camaro for awhile. Loved it. By the Grace of God I never got a ticket in it. Nor did My Man.

7. I ride. Horses, I mean. And pretty daggone well. Or used to.

8. I have a small scar under my bottom lip from flipping over the front of my bike and biting all the way through my lip. Sadly, as I get older, the scar is becoming more noticeable.

9. I played volleyball, softball and basketball in high school. I loved that My Girl excelled at volleyball. Two inches shorter than me and 100x better. The Big Boy was and is a wicked baseball player. Home runs are his specialty. He played first base. Just like his momma. And the Wild Boy far exceeded any basketball skills I ever pretended to have.

10. I love musicals. And, although my children do not…The Big Boy does love Disney movies and let’s be honest…they are all about The Musical.

Here’s a bonus #11. I’m a chronic nail-biter/nail-picker. These days, I’m usually able to resist the urge but when I’m really, really stressed…not so much.

Hope you enjoyed this little peek into moi.



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  1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


  2. Okay, I'm commenting. I never noticed your scar either!


  3. Shoot…now I can't tell it it posted or not.


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