Menu Planning.

I have been wanting to get serious about my menu planning for years now. 2011 is the year I’m just going to do it.

So here is my January 1-14 Menu with links, as applicable. 

January 1: Breakfast for dinner. One of our favorite meals. Will probably be scrambled eggs, bacon and biscuits, fresh fruit salad.
January 2: Eat out after Church. Most likely our favorite place: Saratoga Pizza.
January 3: Pasta fagiola, salad and bread.
January 4: Pork roast and rice.
January 5: Left overs.
January 6: Bobby’s Goulash, salad and bread.
January 7: Left over Goulash.
January 8: Down to in-laws to celebrate Christmas.
January 9: Chili Cook-off after Worship.
January 10: Panera after Wild Boy’s basketball game.
January 11: Breakfast for dinner. Pancakes, eggs.
January 12: Dinner at church.
January 13: PW’s pot roast, smashed taters.
January 14: Pizza.



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  1. YUM! I should get a meal plan going, too. Would love your Pasta Fagioli recipe. Is it close the Olive Garden one? That is my fave!!


  2. Alana…there originally was a recipe. now I just kind of wing it, lol. Will see what I can come up with for you! It IS yummy.


  3. I'm OBSESSED with menu planning. Love doing it. Have sordid love affair with my crock pot too.


  4. So impressed with you and your planning…how has it been going??


  5. Well, Jill…since Shawn is home and is cooking all of the meals…it's going GREAT! lol.


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