Holy Week Wednesday List

Presenting…a list:

:: Watch sunrise (currently in process).
:: Quiet time, incorporating scripture Joanne shared with me yesterday, James 4:7-10.
:: Wash up non-dishwasher dishes from dinner last night. I love using my vintage dishware and glasses. Totally worth the hand-washing required.
:: Continue working on laundry. Cleaning out My Girl’s room has loaded up the laundry room x10.
:: Check out the ant situation throughout the house. *don’t ask*
:: Take Jack for a walk. *extra workout since we are teaching Jack how to correctly walk on leash*
:: Start cleaning out Brett’s room.
:: Surface dust living room and master bedroom.
:: Update checkbook.
:: Start filling out adoption paperwork to adopt Jack Bodacious.
:: Nail My Man down on when he is going to pick up the doors and paint from Home Depot so we can start redoing our bedroom.
:: Update Master To Do List.

I think that about covers it.

Later, dudes.


My Girl

I have been cleaning out Sarah’s room a bit.

She’s hardly here anymore and rarely stays the night in her room so I’m going to begin taking it over and packing up some of her stuff.

It’s only a matter of time, I feel, before she moves out completely.

Today I found this poem tucked away behind her jewelry box.

My Girl

My girl is the love of my life.
She has eyes of green that defy description.
My girl is strong and proud.
She lives her life with purpose and mission.
My girl is kind and compassionate.
She invokes love and dedication in all that know her.
My girl is bold in her faith and walk.
She carries herself with confidence and courage.
My girl doesn’t give up nor give in.
She encourages others to be just like her.
My girl is so much like her father.
She will be wise in her choice of a mate.
My girl will carry on our traditions.
She will not live her life by fate.
My girl is the love of my life.

I wrote that for Sarah for her 15th birthday. In less than two months, she will turn 19.

Fifteen seems so very far away now.

A Weekend with The Old People, Part 1

My sister and I have, in our own advanced years, started referring to our parents as, The Old People.

We mean no disrespect.

At 70 and 72, they are old. Or at least, they act old.

They show all the signs.

disucssing all of their ailments, over and over again
drive 40 in a 50mph zone
bicker back and forth over the little things
don’t like noise and animal fur
keep the tv tuned to FoxNews 24/7
only use one of the showers in the house so the other doesn’t have to be cleaned
eat dinner before 5pm
have become almost fragile

It’s the last one there that hit me last weekend when I was in Roanoke visiting them.

Mom had a couple of “biggie” doctor visits so I decided to tag along with them.

Knowing, of course, that it has Been a Year for me, apparently they decided having me all to themselves for the weekend was the perfect time to spoil me. And I did feel spoiled. Every day revolved around what I did or did not want to do. They catered to my every need. And better yet…didn’t ask any questions or poke and prod to get information.

That, in and of itself, was a miracle. Or another sure sign they are getting old.

When I wanted to talk about stuff…they wanted to hear about it. They offered insight, but didn’t lecture. They expressed concern, but didn’t berate me about taking better care of myself, losing the pounds I have packed on the last year or so, etc.

The fact that my little sister and her family live two blocks away was a super added bonus. The Old People pushed me to spend time alone with my sister, too. That’s definitely never happened before. Mom usually wanted to come along, not to be excluded.

Looking back on it now, who were those people I spent four days with last week?

I am definitely going back soon. It was exactly what I needed.