I am the lamest contest hostess EV-AH.

Seriously, I’m not going to use all that has been going on in my life as an excuse. Or am I? Yes, I think I shall.

So, I was reading and re-reading your entries this morning. I was looking for “snortability”. I found some that really made me snort out loud.

Seriously, though…will any of us ever be able to live up to the standard that was set by T. with “ponis”. Alas, I am afraid not.

And, in fact, we have a double winner today. First off, Mary with “rantsi”: Rantsi — these are underwear for the older, more mature, but still wild party girl. It’s more than a thong but less than a panty — it’s a RANTSI. Hot date with the hubs tonight, gotta break out the black lace rantsi.

Followed up quickly by Sarah with “mistong”: Mistong- a tong like apperatice used by the said “more mature-party girls” to help dislodge the “Rantsi” in the case that it rides too high. Hit pause on the hot date with the hubs, gotta sneak in the ladies room and dislodge my rantsi using my mistong.

It was more the combination of the two together that made me laugh (and snort) the loudest.

Girls…send me your addresses. I have one copy of Joanne’s book here at home and I will have another one sent directly to one of you from Amazon.

Thanks for your patience. Life got in the way.

Love you guys.



A Contest/give-away.

So. My bff Fran had the MOST fun giveaway eveh. You can read all about it here.

I’m totally copying her cool idea. (with her permission)

I’m giving away this. I’ve started reading a copy but Joanne’s fab-o publicist sent me a review/give-away copy. You can win it.

But you have to make me laugh. Like snorting snot kinda laughing. I know you can do it.

So, post a comment to this post and when the word verification thing comes up

(totally copied this from Fran’s post)

copy the word to your comment AND give me the correct pronunciation of your “word” AND a definition AND use it in a sentence.

I’ll leave this open until midnight Friday. Saturday I’ll announce the big winner.

In the meantime, join me in reading the comments and hopefully…snorting a whole lotta snot.

Let the games begin.