It’s a Memorable Monday.

Why is it that on the Monday morning that you have decided to institute an entirely new morning routine the following stars align to totally screw it up:

1. No sleep during the night.
2. Hubs gets up at 4, yes FOURINTHEMORNING, to shower, get dressed and head to the airport for a 7 am flight to the West Coast.
3. After he leaves, you FINALLY fall asleep.
4. Which causes you to sleep through your alarm.
5. And your children showering.
6. But the angry screams of your 17 year old daughter jerk you back to consciousness and, unfortunately, reality.
7. Because she is getting ready to head out the door but has just discovered that her cat, who has never in his (soon-to-be-short-lived) four years on this planet, NEVER, EVER peed anywhere but in his kitty litter box, decided to pee on her blanket. And shirts. And other clothing (STILL ON HER FLOOR, BY THE WAY).
8. So your entirely new morning routine has been expanded to include touching (and by touching I also mean smelling) every inch of your home to ensure that said cat (did I mention it was her stinkin’ cat? and that he might not live through his next 8 lives?) hasn’t been peeing all over the house for awhile and no one has smelled it because, ya know, our sinuses and heads have been so stuffed up for the past three months that we couldn’t smell anything, to include said daughter’s sports bag which, let me tell ya, our neighbor can smell. From inside her house.
9. And you HAVE to go pick up your meds today because you haven’t had time to do it for FOUR DAYS and now it is CRITICAL or someone is going to die. And by someone, I mean one of my children. most likely the owner of that )(*&%$$) stinkin’ cat!!!!

(big sigh). Okay, it is now 10:19 and I haven’t showered yet. I haven’t eaten anything yet and my first cup of coffee is only half-drunk and stone cold and I still have to go to Walmart to get life-saving meds and stop by B&R and pick up an ice cream cake for sweet Beth and oh, by the way, I HAVE TO GO TO WORK SOMETIME TODAY.

Thank you for listening. I hope to talk about Memory Monday later. Say…Friday maybe?

Love you guys….


I love the UPS man.

He leaves me things like this:

While getting something D-R-A-S-T-I-C done to my hair this afternoon, I’ll be reading Misplacing God by my bff, Joanne. The middle book is a devotional book for Lent. By the same author of the devotional I used for Advent and loved. And then the A&E/PBS version of Pride & Prejudice which I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE and will probably spend the entire day tomorrow watching from beginning to end. Sigh. Did I mention I love this version?

Okay, off to get ready to head to the office and then to my 1:00 D-R-A-S-T-I-C hair appointment. She booked me in for two hours. Two Hours. We’re talking something big, apparently. Wish I knew what it was…

Love you girls.

The Super Bowl, Mean Boys and Memory Monday.

First of all…the Super Bowl and Mean Boys connection. I admit I was definitely wanting the Cards to win. Kurt Warner…so wanted him to have this win. But I don’t have anything against the Steelers. Or at least I didn’t until this game. Mean Boys. I really thought there was some blatant unsportsmanship-like-conduct demonstrated by the Mean Steelers. I was more saddened by it than anything else.

I’ve totally been focused on all of the “meanness” around me since beginning the study of Esther. My own meanness, especially. Sigh. I’m sure I’ll be spilling-my-guts blogging all about it. Eventually.

The commercials…some were oh-so-funny. But the goda*dy commercials? Come. On. Again, I was quite saddened by watching them. Especially as I looked around my living room and saw all of the young men sitting there watching the game. Most around the age of 13. And the same aged young women who can’t help but feel they are supposed to look and act like that. There needs to be some serious change in values in this country. There needs to be some serious, Christian role models for our young women. I’m not talking young women who are perfect/were perfect. But young women who are real. Will tell our girls exactly what they went through, good and bad. Having had a daughter who struggled with eating issues and who still looks in the mirror and thinks she is fat…well, I have to be honest and tell you that I no longer know what to say to her. The last time she did that, I just started to cry. Literally, tears. I don’t know how to convince her she is not fat. She is stunning. And even if she was carrying the extra pounds her mind has been tricked into believing she is, she would still be stunning. She’s is compassionate. Funny. Loving. Outgoing and personable. And she loves Jesus! None of that seems to matter. To her or to her friends.

On to Memory Monday.

And because I’ve been struggling with my own thought-life for the last few months, I felt that God was really leading me to memorize this scripture:

We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ. 2 Corinthians 10:5

Maybe this is one our daughters should memorize, too.

Love you guys bunches.