I am picking up the boy today from Longwood!

**UPDATED. I was RIGHT. It WAS them. Know how I know? Because they are all sucking up to me. No, it’s not because they are scared. No it isn’t. Stop that!

IT’S NOT ME!!! (okay, maybe just a little)

I am very excited.


And in the typical way my universe works…I’m ticked off at the rest of them so I will just put all my focus and joy on seeing my first born.

Until he ticks me off.

No, it’s not me.

No, it isn’t.

It’s them.




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  1. Yay for getting time with the boy!(And lol at the rest. ;))


  2. Love you my friend, have a great weekend, catch up with you on Monday.


  3. HA HA HA! This makes me laugh and laugh. I get it sista….its all them!!!


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