Loving Sarah.

Loving Sarah means…

…crying when I hear her pray

…watching Pride & Prejudice together. Over and over and over

…having Crank That as her ring tone on my cell

…incredible green eyes

…looking in the mirror and seeing myself

…loving a volleyball beast (with really stinky feet)

…short girl CAN jump

…hearing her beautiful voice

…happiness as we watch her coach her younger brother and his team

…fear as I sit in the passenger seat when she’s in the driver’s seat

…extra caramel, upside down caramel frappacino

…with a side of apple fritter


…wicked funny

…Jim Halpert and Pam Beasley looks between us

…secret handshakes

…someone to cry with

…unsolicited hugs and smooches

…being able to laugh at myself (finally)

…future best friend (for now, I still have to be The Mom)



Happy Birthday, Sarah. You’re my favorite…but don’t tell the boys (wink).



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  1. You daughter is beautiful! Sooz, reading this made me smile so much! The preciousness of a mother daughter relationship has always intrigued me. I can’t wait to meet this dynamic girl. (Speaking by faith here! You are only 10 hours away! 9.5 acutally…but I drive fast;))I can only pray that the sweet bond I have with my little girl grows into what you have with yours.Tell Cute Girl I said HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


  2. Happy Birthday, Sarah


  3. so sweet! My baby is almost 3. IT is so shocking to me. =) Happy Bday!


  4. This was a very sweet post that makes me appreciate the relationship I have and will have with my girls. Thank you for being such a good mom. The world doesn’t have enough of them.


  5. How sweet!! And she really is beautiful. 🙂


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