Three Years Ago Next Month.

Ran across these and had to share.

The kid on the right is my youngest. Three years ago we were in Jax for our nephew’s wedding and Brett was the ring bearer. Since he was nine years old, he did a great job. The girl is the bride’s niece, and flower girl. She was Brett’s age. Notice the gleam in Brett’s eye…it’s been there ever since. I think this was the first time that he ever really noticed that girls are cute. Especially when they are all dolled up to participate in a wedding. He loved her on sight. She avoided him like the plague.

Here are all three of them on that wedding day…

They have changed so much in three short years!

What Day is it?

After three straight days of volleyball and then three hours shopping for a prom dress (no luck) I don’t even know the date this morning.

I have a lot to say. And I will. Eventually. But first, I need to catch up here. Brett is home sick today. I haven’t been in the office pretty much since Thursday afternoon and the two boys have been home by themselves since Friday. You can see that I’ll be busy.

We arrived home to this picture yesterday. Sarah was asleep when we pulled up. I had to wait about five minutes for her to be awake enough to even notice it.

It’s hard to read but basically it says, “Sorry this is late” (he had already asked her by phone). The beach ball reads, “Prom?” and the other lettering reads, “with Matt?”

I had started a post last week about the break-up between Sarah and PJ. But it just became too much. So, here is the condensed version:

Girl is “unhappy”. Breaks up with Boy.
Girl cries for two days.
Girl gets back together with Boy.
Boy comes by house. Boy ignores parents.
Girl gets butt chewed.
Girl is still “unhappy” with Boy and wants advice from Mom.
Mom not that stupid.
Girl breaks up with Boy. Boy wants Girl to be “happy”.
Girl and Boy decide breakup is “mutual” and “amicable”.
Break-up turns ugly.
Break-up announced on Facebook (aka
Girl’s cell phone rings immediately. And buzzes endlessly.
Girl’s home phone rings immediately. Doesn’t stop.
Girl is (and who knew) hot commodity.
Friend of Girl’s Brother calls and asks Girl to Prom. As “friends”.
Girl says yes, knowing Brother’s Friend has had a crush on her for two years.
Yes…two years.
Boy begins calling and texting and IMing Girl.
Misses Girl. Says, “don’t go to Prom with Brother’s Friend”.
Mom chimes in with, “don’t even think about it”.
Mom now stuck with helping Girl find Prom dress. And shoes.
Stupid Mom.

The Real Me.

1. Rarely says what she’s thinking. It’s just too scary for people to hear.

2. Wonders what this entire “twitter” thing is about? What the??? As if we don’t all spend enough time online, texting, blogging, and surfing????

3. Loves Chick-fil-a and ain’t afraid to make anyone stop at every single cfa we go by.

4. Could (and currently is) eating choc chip cookies with a side o’ milk for dinner.

5. Is having a difficult time squeezing into her “stretchy, safe jeans” (see #4 above, apparently).

6. Just wants to run away sometimes. And does. And then people come find her. And drag her back. Kicking and screaming. And grateful.

7. Is really, really ticked that she is not going to the Outer Banks this summer. For the second summer in a row. Something about sending a kid off to college and all the expenses that entails and oh, yeah, we spent 10 days at Disney over Christmas. SO????

8. Would like a laptop. Or a Mac iBook (is that what they’re called?).

9. Is feeling like God is hiding His face from her in order for her to have a time in the desert.

10. Knows that times in the desert make her a stronger girl. A girl that continues to grow.

11. Hates the time in the desert.

12. Loves the growth.

13. Has gotten into the disgusting habit of not washing her face before bedtime. How the heck did that happen? Lazy, lazy, lazy!

14. Is really mad that Jill is moving away. Mad at Jill. Seriously, mad.

15. Is about ready to say what she is really thinking so will sign off now. To wash her face.

It’s True! A Girl really CAN change!

I’m not sure what has happened. I didn’t ask for it to happen, but it has. And this is may-jhor, girls!

I have actually been drinking coffee other than Starbucks.

No, I swear it’s true!

The weirdest part is that I’m drinking coffee that, in the not-so-distant-past, I totally turned my nose up at!

It all began when I got ticked off at Starbucks, yet again. I don’t know why I keep going back, but I always do. It’s the Cafe Verona. I can’t help it. It’s truly Nectar of the gods.

So, back to my story. I stomped out of Starbucks in a snit and decided to go to Whole Foods for some free breakfast grocery shopping and decided to give their 365 Brand Colombian Coffee Beans another try. They had been okay before but definitely not Verona. Vee, one of my coffee snob bff’s, swears by it.

That was a month ago. And, while I have been back into Starbucks, I have not bought any other beans to brew at home except for the 365 Colombian from Whole Foods. And it is yummy. Really yummy.

But, and here is where it gets really wacky, this morning I popped into McDonald’s for an egg McMuffin and decided to get coffee instead of oj (call me crazy and wild).

Hold onto your knickers…it was tasty. Darn tasty.

Clearly the End Times are upon us.

That is the only explanation that makes any sense.

Tons o’ things are in the works…

I’m here. Just busy. Check out my Upcoming Events in Our Life list and you’ll see that I’m busy.

But, I have lots of things in the works. A surprise or two up my sleeve.

In the meantime, check out the new pic and link on the right sidebar. Beth at I Should Be Folding Laundry has launched a blog design business. Beth is one of those woman that you stumble upon in blawgy land, fall instantly in love with and start calling BFF right away. Catch up a bit on her blog and you’ll fall in love with her, too. She is amazingly strong, so open and honest and raw that it will bring you straight to your knees.

Working on a couple of posts so check back soon.

It was a Lovely Mother’s Day.

So I completely deleted the previous post on my Starbucks and Plain MandM’s fest following my major blow up at the old homestead the day before Mom’s Day. So glad that’s in the past.

Over the last year, I have become aware that God blessed me with my husband and these children for a purpose that is both humbling and awesome.

To be Christ to me here on this Earth.

It has to be true. I can blow it in a huge, huge way with Russell and, although he might get mad, even pout a bit, he rarely calls me out on it. He doesn’t avoid…oh he’ll get in my face, but not in the way I had just gotten in his. It is so very humbling.

(Once I come back down to earth and can see it.)

The same goes with the kids. They don’t hold a grudge. With me or their siblings. Shawn sometimes will let us know for a day or so that he is bent out of shape, but really…it is just incredible the way they forgive and forget, offer up hugs, kisses and “A Sarah Special” (sweet tea or water made just the way I like it). Even when they are grounded or have had privileges taken away.

I stayed home from Sunday school and Worship yesterday. Truthfully, it was the first and only day I had to try to put a dent in the laundry and give the main level of our home a scrubbin’. When the man and the monkeys came home after Worship, they talked me into going to our fave Mexican place for lunch. And it was fun and delicious.

When Shawn got home from working at the bike shop, I opened my gifts…flowers and a one-pound-bag of plain MandM’s from Shawn and a top-o-the-line Cuisinart Food Processor I had been eyeing and happened to mention to Shawn that I wanted. And of course the much-coveted Starbucks gift card to feed my habit.

We jumped into the Ark van and headed south (in the torrential, never-ending rain of the past few days) to the in-laws for dinner and chat time. Well, really, it was mostly just chatting between Russell, the kids and I. As soon as Grandad sits down, he falls asleep and you think you’re carrying on a conversation with Katie when in reality, you’re just talking to yourself cuz she can’t hear you.

All-in-all…a sweet Mother’s Day. I hope your Mother’s Day was, too.

Oh, and here’s a random question session…

Leave me a comment and tell me how you eat your MandM’s. Do you seperate them by color and eat them in a certain color order, crunching the outside off first before letting the creamy yummy inside melt in your mouth? Um…not that I know of anyone that eats her MandM’s that way, of course.

Do you like plain or peanut or (heaven forbid) peanut butter?

Do you wash your MandM’s down with milk or water or anything else?

Leave any other MandM details you feel led (or brave enough) to leave.

When Your Daughter Turns 17…

I started this blog with the intent to be all real-all the time. So here’s the reality.

Watching my daughter turn 17 (SEVENTEEN!!) has hit me hard.

I adore our daughter. She’s the only girl, wedged between two boys. Her older brother, aka The Golden Child and younger brother, aka The Wild Child. As if being the only girl wasn’t difficult (or as a tell her SPECIAL) enough, she is The Dreaded Middle Child. Might be that being the only girl in this non-coveted position in our family has helped. I’m not sure she would agree. She’s still lobbying for a baby sister (as if).

Because I am totally self-absorbed (thank you for confirming, Lori and Jill), today I am focusing on how this milestone, banner day (speaking of which…hang on while I run down and get the Decorative Birthday Flag from the basement that I forgot to put up!)…and I’m back…is impacting ME.

Sunday, Sarah and I went shopping at Kohls and Tar-zjay (Target for you that don’t speak Southern). Trust me when I tell you that sitting in the dressing room at the age of 47 while your 17 year old daughter tries on clothes is NOT affirming! Oy. I couldn’t wait to get the heck outta there and check out (of reality).

Seriously, I don’t WANT to be 17 again (as evidenced by the title and entire subject matter of this blog) but I could totally go for having my 17 year old body back. I’d take better care of it this time ’round. I swear I would.

Since Lori and I did put in our order for our Heavenly Bodies to be the same ones we had around this age, and I think we’re totally going to get them, it was easy to move on after the dressing room nightmare.

Let’s talk about the real issues of having your only daughter turn 17 (or 15 or 21 or 30…pick one)…

I’ve been thinking A LOT about what I was like at 17. It’s caused me not to sleep at night. Because I’m praying thankful prayers to my God that my daughter is not like I was at 17.


She knows and loves Jesus. I never thought of Him. Ever.

She is not all that consumed with grades and the academic side of school. While this has always been disturbing to me, God has reminded me (over and over, again) that He is in control and that He does have a plan for our girl. She will be fine and she will go to college, graduate and love whatever she does. I never graduated. Russell does ‘logistics’ when his degree is in communication.

She is happy and well-adjusted. She communicates with us. So much so that we always know her mood, her feelings and pretty much what she is thinking. Praise You, Jesus!

I (and my Man) avoided the parents as much as possible.

I guess my point is that, I am loving my daughter growing up into a confident, joyful young woman who loves the Lord and is totally different than I was at that age.

And I am thankful for all of the crap I went through as a teenager and young adult so that I am able to recognize the blessing that is Sarah.