The New Boyfriend.



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  1. Except for the trash can with sitting guy in the background, that picture looks like it could be advertisement for some cool stuff like IDK…trying to compliment you and so I’ll say it—absolutely precious couple…your daughter is just beautiful!


  2. Hooray! Did you make him sign a permission slip to post his picture for all the world to see?What a cutie!Joanne


  3. They are a cute couple!Kathy


  4. ps – Just got home from a basketball game and sat down to open today’s mail. Bob saw it first and said—you have to look at this and who is Susan? Oh, I know who it is, Bob!!! Let me tell you…so I read out loud the names of God and began to weep as I went from one to the other to the other and sensed God’s presence after a difficult day. Amazing. What a beautiful piece and I will keep it in my Bible. Thank you so much Susan for your gracious ways and tenderness to your God. You just gave that to me tonight.


  5. He looks like he could be her brother and your son with that smile!


  6. Very cute couple 🙂


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