The Siesta’s Asked For it…

You got it! Pictures from Lucy’s trip to NYC.

Lucy in the Raspberry shirt with her friend, Grace and two Abercrombie dudes

Lucy, second from right, and BFF’s on the ferry to Staten Island

This was Lucy’s Christmas present to her Mama, but she couldn’t stand it and had to give it to me early! For all you non-Office-watchers, Dunder Mifflin is the name of the paper company that the NBC show, The Office, is set in. Our favorite show. Ev-her.

Check out the hat…all the girls bought one and Lucy even wore hers to church yesterday.



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  1. She’ll remember that trip forever! Thanks for sharing the photos – fun!I bought my husband a Dunder-Mifflin t-shirt for his last birthday. 🙂And in the dollar section at Target a while a go they had to do/notepads “from the desk of Dwight Shrute.”I wrote my husband, Penn, a note from future Penn warning him that the coffee was poisoned – NOT to drink the coffee!!We loved that episode!


  2. Hooray for pictures!Thanks for sharing…Joanne


  3. Great pics! Your Girl is beautiful!


  4. NYC rocks! She is too cute!


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