And…I’m Back.

Volleyball is over (except for the shouting parties). High school season, anyway. And I’ve started taking back my house!

Lucy’s team made it to the second round of Regionals. And then we were crushed 0-3 games. Ugh. Next stop…Club Volleyball. Twice a week practice, tournaments on Saturday or Sunday once or twice a month. A couple of clinics. It sounds wonderfully calm and peaceful. Caleb will start basketball soon. Twice a week practice, an hour long game on Saturday. Ahhhh. I’m so looking forward to it. The oldest isn’t playing anything this winter, except for the “get over my Senioritis” game. Looks like he’s going to lose driving privileges this week, once we get report cards. Will he EVER learn?

I have missed checking in with my fave reads the past couple of weeks. I’ve missed blogging about Important Stuff on my own blog. I have missed being able to walk into my house without tripping on gear/books/papers/junk lying all about. I am ready to get back to it.

But, in remembering all that God has done for me and for my family and that all He has and continues to provide…I am so very thankful. I hope to be sharing some of that thankfulness…VERY SOON!

In the meantime…I’ve missed you and one of the things I’m thankful for is YOU.




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  1. Susan,So glad you’re getting back in the swing. Your kitchen looks…orderly! Good luck with your son and his senioritis-I’ll say a prayer for the two of you.Kathy


  2. Welcome back! It’s so encouraging to read about what God is doing in your family.And your kitchen does look wonderful. 🙂


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