I woke up this morning feeling grumpy, achy, ugly, weepy, PMSy. I stayed in bed an extra hour snuggling in my warm bed, heated mattress cover on HIGH, listening to the sounds of our oldest two moving about, getting ready for school.

There is something comforting about the norm…the schedule…the expected.

When the oldest hollered out, “I’m leaving…love you!” I knew it was time to think about getting up. When the girl hollered out, “Love you, mom!”…I knew I had to get up and get the youngest moving. Once he was safely in the shower, I could head to the kitchen for some sweet nectar of life…Starbucks Christmas Blend. Freshly ground and yummy.

Lest you think I don’t know it, I do know that I am so blessed. Two teenagers dashing out the door for school hollering up to their mom, “I love you!” is probably not what every mom of teenagers hears in the morning.

I hear it. Every single day.

When I reflected on that this morning and how easily the words, “I love you” come to my lips for my children and husband and loved ones, I realized that I have (again) been neglecting the ultimate lover of my soul.

I just don’t understand how this can happen. How can I become so busy…so distracted…so self-centered, that I rush through my quiet time…journal a couple of fluffy sentences in my journal…read the first line of my bible study, already anticipating the last sentence so that I can move on to Important Things.

I grabbed my coffee this morning and headed to the home office to get my blog fix and was blown away by the places He brought me to. Women who love Him. Women who are hurting. Women who are waking up crying every morning and turning to Him for comfort. Turning to Him to get through their day, the next hour, the next few minutes. Crying out to Him for Love. And He answers. Covering them with His Spirit.

It was powerful.

I think I’ll head back to the kitchen and grind a few more Christmas Blend beans, brew another cup and seek Him.






My First and Third Born.

With all of the focus and attention being on Lucy lately (and by lately, I mean the past year…I have eluded to the fact that she/we had a difficult sophomore year, I know), I feel that I have neglected Philip and Caleb.

I think I’ll share a few pics and thoughts on these two incredible (there’s that word again, Joanne) and handsome boys (not that I’m biased, of course!).

This is one of my favorite pictures of our oldest. It totally captures him. He has the most beautiful brandy colored eyes, although it is hard to tell in this photo. He is extremely shy around girls, but very comfortable and outgoing with adults (and his buds, of course). He will make some (totally undeserving, I’m sure) woman an amazing husband. Actually, I’m joking about the totally undeserving woman line. I have prayed for our children’s spouses for years and years. Since they were little. And I continue to pray for them.

This is my favorite of his senior pics…

Notice the boots. He dresses to please himself. Period. And it drives his sister insane. Because she is all about the fashion, the social, the popularity standing. I commented recently that Philip seems really popular to me. Everywhere we go he is greeted by his peers, hugged by the girls (which he always hesitates to do). I received the classic Lucy Snort. And the reply, “okay, Mom”. Translation: “in your dreams, Mom”.

How can two children be so different!? I guess that I shouldn’t be too worried. The important things…Jesus, family, morals are the same and that is what matters.

Then there’s this kid.

He is a walking contradiction. He is only 11 (he turns 12 the end of January). He is already 5’9″. At the age of two they figured out he would probably top off at around 6’4″. He must be a throw-back to The Man’s maternal grandfather who was very tall.

He is our Wild Child. Child #3. When I held him for the first time, I whispered in his ear that he was The Prince for one year. And then he was on his own because there were two older ones ahead of him. He took it to heart, I assure you. At 13 months he was talking sentences. And he has not (thankfully) stopped talking since. Usually a child is gifted with early talking ability or good motor skills. He has both. He is by far our best athlete. If he had the drive, he could easily be a four sport high school student. But basketball is his one true love and it’s really the one sport that he excels in. We are battling him about school. He just doesn’t care about it. He is like his sister in one way…it’s all about the social with him. He thinks being the class clown is the loftiest goal he has ever attained.

He is also the kid that will just come up and wrap his long arms around me and lay his head against mine and be content (wherever we are) to just stay like that as long as he can. He is totally a momma’s boy and I would not have it any other way.

Now that the weather is turning cold…

This is where I have my morning quiet time, bible study time, journaling time.
I love spending time in here early on a cold morning. The only sound being the dogs stretching in the kitchen, the clock on the buffet softly ticking. I’ve added a few Christmas touches to my dining room. We’ve purchased a new ceiling light that probably won’t go up until after the New Year. But I don’t mind having to move inside to this cozy, Winter sanctuary.

And really, enough is enough.

I hate food.
All things food I hate.
I ate and I ate and now I hate.
I hate all things food.

But listen to this incredible (remarkable?) song I found on Little Miss Jenny Hope’s Blog. I had to rush right out and purchase the CD because 200 Christmas CD’s is not nearly enough. But this song has been haunting me. I have been loving Kirk Franklin lately. Oh to have a heart like his to lead and worship as he does. Glory!

I have clearly felt God leading me to step out in His name. To step up to the plate. To stretch my arms to the sky and worship Him with Every Fiber of My Being. To stop being afraid. To stop worrying what other’s will think. What other’s will say. Including (especially?) my family. I see so many that need to know Him. Need to know He loves them.

This Beth Moore study on the Tabernacle has really spoken to me (as if her other’s haven’t!). But really…what I thought would be a history lesson on the Tabernacle has turned into a history lesson on me. On being That Girl and becoming This Girl.

I looked at The Man today and wondered if he could see the radiance of God’s glory on my face. Can he tell, just by looking at me, spending several minutes with me, that I am a child of God?

At the grocery store the other day, a woman and her daughter got into line behind me and the first thing the woman did was turn over the magazines so that the provocatively dressed lovelies would be facing the other way. She kept a constant stream of soft, gentle words flowing as she did it and her daughter calmly watched her, obviously having been through this before. I couldn’t help but stare at the woman. Both she and her daughter glowed with His radiance. I knew right away Who they belonged to. I listened to the words she was saying and they were affirming words to her young daughter.

“We don’t need to dress like that.”
“You are beautiful without all of this makeup.”
“I love the lavender dress that YOU wear.”

Just really remarkably calm and matter-of-fact.

One mag she turned over had an even less scantily clad woman on the back and she gave a soft exclamation and slid a house and garden type mag in front of that magazine.

She caught my eye after a minute or two and we smiled warmly at each other and began to discuss Thanksgiving and cooking and Nana’s (her mom and my mom) and how sad that they were far away from us this Thanksgiving.

We had a connection. An instant bond. I knew she was a Christian. But today, when I was doing my journal time and quiet time and BM bible study time, it dawned on me…did she know I was a Christian? Did I have my roots pendant on? Did I have my God’s Glory Radiance going on? I hope so…especially the latter.

And something else. I have felt challenged to be more bold in my faith. To wish everyone a Merry Christmas and not fall into the trap of saying the pc Happy Holidays. I’m not shopping at places that refuse to allow Salvation Army folks out front.

I’m wanting folks to see my God’s Glory Radiance. How about you?

Thanksgiving Food Ramblings…Rumblings???

Have you ever noticed that Thanksgiving is like pregnancy…you are required to eat everything. You are EXPECTED to eat everything.

This morning I woke up with a wicked poultry-starchy-sweet hangover. Two T-giving meals in two days did me in.

Or DID they?

I was just down in the kitchen, wandering around, and before I knew it I had a nice little turkey-dressing-gravy-cranberry sauce sandwich thing going on.

Before 10:00 am.

Now I’m eating pumpkin pie.

It’s a food-free-for-all!

In less than an hour we’re leaving for a friend’s home where we will caravan out to the boonies for a regional semi-final football game. And we’re going to tailgate before the game.

Did I mention it is 30 degrees here?

We’re stopping on the way to pick up food.


What the?

The Man has clearly lost it.

We’re taking some food with us, he told me. You know…pie, soda. Yeah, that’s all.

And we’re picking up pizza on the way out.

My stomach is groaning as I type this because of the sandwich and pie I just ate at the thought.

I am so joining Weight Watchers after the New Year.

Assuming I survive Christmas.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Here we are at 0730 this morning. Yes, Thanksgiving Morning. In the parking lot near the 5K fun run…for The Man and The Darlings and 2K fun walk for me. I got up 10 minutes before we left, enough time to get dressed, brush teeth, pull hair back in pony tail and grab my iPod and head out the door. Did you get that…NO COFFEE. And I definitely look like I had not had any coffee. And I totally acted like I had not had any coffee. But now that it is all over, I have my coffee. Starbucks Christmas Blend. I might make The Man stop for another cup as we head out to The Bass Pro Shop. Yes, that’s right. We’re going to The Bass Pro Shop this morning. And then we are going to high school bff’s home for birdzilla and all the sides. I’m bring pies. And I didn’t bake them. I purchased them at Costco. They make the best. And I just did not have time this week to bake.

I’m wishing all of you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving!

100 Things…

Since so many of you Joanne insisted commented that I was definitely not anything BUT boring, I decided to plug away at my admittadly already begun 100 Things About Me List. I will stick it lovingly on the sidebar and update as I get around to it. I probably have 75 2 already!

Joanne made me do this asked for it will see I truly AM bor-ring!

100th Post!

Bloggy Tradition states I must post 100 things about myself. Trust me on this…I am Bor-ring. (But y’all keep posting those 100 things about yourselves because they are NOT boring!)

I’m going to use my 100th post for six little words:

Happy Birthday Darlin’. I love you.


“You know, My Girl, that God put you in this place, for this purpose, to be relevant in this generation, at this time.”

How often does one have the opportunity to say this to one’s daughter?

I did yesterday morning at 0700 on the way to a long day of working club volleyball tryouts. My Girl had just made a comment about the children starving in Africa. I don’t even know how that came into the conversation (it was 0700 on Sunday morning, remember?).

How it came up isn’t as important as how readily it sprang to my lips and out of my mouth!

It has been a long, hard lesson for me to be able to speak those words with conviction.
How can I be relevant to God? Why would I be relevant to God? Why in the world would He want to hear about my tiny, minuscule day-to-day drama and even less so…want to do something about it?

Because He is a God of relationship! Intimacy! Details!

I’m still working my way through A Woman’s Heart, God’s Dwelling Place (This is the study I’m doing, Jenny Hope). I am two weeks behind the group study but still working diligently. I know that I am supposed to be where I am in this study at this time. (See…another example of “at this place, at this time”.)

I just listened to Session 7, A Heart That Intercedes, on Saturday.

I’ve been in a dry patch with God. Dry on my end, not His. The enemy would like to convince me that God had forsaken me during that dry patch.

The enemy has forgotten that I journal.

I was able, during this parched spell, to spend time reading back on all of the things that God has done for me lately.

Instead of focusing on more, more, more, He allowed me to be reminded of how He has blessed, blessed, blessed!

A year ago, I would not have been spiritually mature enough (and believe me, I am NOT spiritually mature at all!) to recognize this God-given opportunity to reflect and remember.

Psalm 77:10-12:

11 I will remember the deeds of the LORD; yes, I will remember your miracles of long ago.
12 I will meditate on all your works and consider all your mighty deeds.

And Psalm 63:5-7:

5 My soul will be satisfied as with the richest of foods; with singing lips my mouth will praise you.
6 On my bed I remember you; I think of you through the watches of the night.
7 Because you are my help, I sing in the shadow of your wings.

There were several parts of this week’s session where I stopped, rewound and listened over and over again. Parts that I needed to hear over and over. I love when Beth Moore says, “someone needed to hear that today”.

There was one part in particular I had to rewind several times, listen to over and over, pause and reflect, meditate and pray on. I didn’t jot down’ Beth’s words about it, but I did journal what God gave to me on it.

“It is time for me to be decisive about my time on this Earth. To serve MY purpose in this generation, for this time. To be relevant to this generation, to my family, to those I serve. I was called to this generation.”

I love the words, “decisive”, “serve”, “relevant”, “called”.

It IS time for me to become decisive about The Reason I am here at this time, at this place.

To be relevant…

I spoke those words to My Girl yesterday morning. But they were really for me.