The Dead Zone

This week, I have hit a bloggy wall. The dead zone. The dreaded blogger’s block. It’s not that I don’t have tons to say. Oh, Lordy yes but I do. It’s not that it is slow around here. I’ve barely sat still for five minutes this week. I didn’t even recognize The Man as he sat in a booth at the restaurant when we all finally hooked up for Linner (or is it Dunch) at 4:30 yesterday. (It was the back of his head we were viewing, and that’s my story.) And every night I’ve been dreaming about disasters, natural and otherwise, which is a sure sign that my brain is in over-drive.

No. The fact is that I have SO MUCH to say/share/blog about that I don’t know where to begin.

I know that bloggers often write their posts well in advance. Sometimes, in a flurry of blogging creativity, they’ll write blog-after-blog-after-blog and store them up to post later.

For some reason, I just haven’t been able to allow myself to do that. I want it fresh. I want it real. I want it current.

But I’m beginning to see the wisdom of just allowing creative juices to flow and write and store up. Because now…with so much to say…and so little time to write…

You’re stuck reading this.

Until I can catch up. Blog ahead (eww…I like that one).

But I’ll give you a little literary tease…

This weekend I’ll begin pulling together Our oldest son’s Senior Ad. Parents are given the opportunity to buy a page in the (all color this year) yearbook dedicated to our graduating Darling. The Man, knowing I love this kind of stuff (I was a senior editor on my high school yearbook just as Philip is. The Man was on his yearbook staff) knew I wouldn’t be satisfied with the limitations of a half-page ad or (help me, Jesus) a quarter page. No…we went full hog. I already have it planned out in my head and even photos (some of which I haven’t put my hands on in years) are falling into place in my mind. I’ll be sharing it with y’all when it’s done.

Also, because it’s all about our oldest apparently, we’ll be selecting (and writing a check for, gulp) his Senior Pics. The Man is also going to take some informals in the Spring (did I mention he was a photographer on the year book staff and also began college with the intent to become a photo journalist?). I know we’re still going to drop a hunk o’ change, though because I LOVE EVERY SINGLE PICTURE. And of course we have the order forms and examples of Graduation Announcements. Whoever said boys are cheaper had all girls. When I dared to suggest we could create our own grad announcements and invites…well, let’s just say that it got ugly. So, we’ll look into it, but I’ve already warned the other two that we might have to dip into Disney $ and they better be prepared to just wave at Mickey from the outside of the gate this year.

I hope to remember to share my caramel apple making. And maybe photos from the school fall festival on Saturday. The Man and our senior will be flipping burgers. The apples are for the senior class to sell. And maybe new photos from our youngest’s football game this weekend.

And there you have just a tiny bit to chew on.


What’s stacked on YOUR bedside table to read?

I think I have pretty well established that I have a book problem love of reading.

So this morning, I’m busily rearranging our bedroom prior to the scheduled within the next 8 hours visit of the Direct TV Dude…because you know…2 satellite receivers is not enough…nope…gotta have 4.

Anyway, I try to pick up the pile of reading material next to my bed.

It is insanely heavy.

And what about the pile in my beautiful Longaberger basket next to my dresser? And don’t even get me started on the pile of magazines taking up residence next to the pile of reading material. By the way, nowhere, in any of the aforementioned piles, does my actual daily reading and bible study material reside. Nope. That stack of bibliomania is in the living room next to Mamie’s chair, next to another Longaberger basket full of books (I’ll save my addiction love of Longaberger baskets for another self-analysis on another day) next to an antique cradle my parents shipped back from a tour in Turkey that is, yes that’s right, FULL of books.

Seriously, I have got me some kind of problem with love for books.

So, other than the daily read pile, the pile next to my bed would be my go-to-book-pile. I thought I would list what was in said pile for your reading (get it…ar ar) pleasure.

Running from top to bottom/smallest to largest because I’m all about organization, y’all…

1. Right on the very top, I kid you not:

Very scary ironic, don’t you think?


I really, really heart this series and the one before it, Lineage of Grace.


The Book of Psalms is my couldn’t-get-stranded-on-a-desert-island-without-it book. Period. Truly, my absolute favorite read of all time. I go back for more every day.
And I just noticed
this book while grabbing a photo of the Psalms book. I don’t have this one.



That’s right…because in my busy full life of being a wife, mom, sister, daughter, friend, church secretary, chauffeur, house-cleaner, laundress, cook, group leader, yadda yadda, I am lost as to what my passion and purpose and calling is.


A must have bible for women. Love the NLT translation as a companion to the NIV.


I figured this would be a little light reading. Yeah, right…I have time for light reading.


Reads like a novel, with footnotes.


Except my copy doesn’t have a front cover. Or back cover. It was the first “real” bible I received after becoming a New Christian. It has tons o’ wear n’ tear. It’s still near n’ dear to my heart.


Big and bulky and heavy and FULL of information.
LOVE it.


I set this aside, but I’m feeling led to finish it up. Easy reading, but full of great, great stuff.


I picked up a copy of this for a friend who is new to the bible study world. I picked myself up a copy, too. A great overview of the bible.


This is in a magazine style. Easy to read. Short articles. Every time I flip through it, I find new, cool, stuff.


Not the book…the workbook. Not sure why this was stuck in there. I haven’t finished the study yet. Our small group was working on it over the summer and, well, we were all rarely able to meet. I’ll put this “away” and pull it out for another day.

And finally. This book:

It is not currently next to my bed to read, but my BFF Lori says that I HAVE to read this with her starting RIGHT NOW. And so I shall.

So now you know my not so well-kept secret…I’m a book junkie. I’m addicted. Can’t live without them. And every time I see a new one, I gotta have it. Now.

Help me. Please.

The Simple Life?

Had an amazing long weekend away with The Man to celebrate our 24th anniversary. We rode out the non Tropical Storm, Gabrielle. In fact, I slept through it Sunday afternoon and The Man watched football to his heart’s content. It was heavenly!

The morning we left, the sunrise was incredible.

TS Gabbie didn’t stop us from enjoying the beach or the pool or any meals we ventured out to eat. And we had some good eating. Lots of fresh seafood.

That was a long, long week ago. We hit the door running last Monday (our actual anniversary day) and didn’t stop all week.

I was up early this morning for my quiet time. It really registered with me how hectic our week was. Not for the first time, I pondered how very busy our LIVES have become.

The Little Boy – Number 9 in Blue

We spent yesterday afternoon at Six Flags. It was an unbelievably gorgeous day. Our morning began at Sunday School. Straight to The Little Boy’s football game, missing Worship at church. Straight to Six Flags. By the time we arrived home last night, at 8:00, The Boyfriend was pulling into the driveway to spend a precious hour with My Girl before we kicked him out (it was a school night, after all).

I found it difficult to focus during my quiet time this morning. My journal reflects my wandering thoughts with lots of meandering entries. Or is that meandering thoughts with lots of wandering entries? Both seem to apply.

I grabbed a few minutes at Six Flags to continue reading (you’ll get a kick out of this) Living Simply. Totally NOT my life. I want to live more simply. I even try to live more simply. I go through things, purge, toss, pack away, haul away, give away and yet…we still have too much stuff. I say no, walk away from, remove myself, resign and yet…my days, weeks, months are packed and the years are FLYING by.

I know I’m not the only one. Part of it, I’m positive, is the area we live in. Traffic, competition, so much tempting us. We had a speaker at our church on Saturday for a women’s event. She was from Alabama. She thought her life was hectic, and out of control until she listened to us speak about our lives living in this area. Cramming so much in that we are suffocating. I am suffocating.

Having said all of that, I can’t really think of a single activity I want to give up. I can think of things I want to do differently and I am certainly turning away new activities for myself and for my family. It is a fine line to walk…needing discernment at every step. There may be something that we are NOT doing that we are SUPPOSED to be doing.

Which brings me back to my quiet time this morning. Staying in His Word. Seeking His Guidance. Praying for His Discernment.

I can’t imagine starting my (very busy) day without it.

September 10

It seems like I’ve always known you. In fact, we were just young teenagers when we met.


We have come so very far since those first few years of strife.


I still can not believe the amount of blessings God has bestowed on us.

When I tell people we’ve been married 24 years, I’m saddened that the response is always something like, “wow! What an accomplishment!”
As if so few marriages endure that length of time.

Which astounds me. I love you more today than I ever have. We continue to grow and learn more about each other every day.

You are an amazing father to our children. A loving son to our parents.
And my best friend.

September 2007

First Day of School.

It was more difficult than I thought. I pretended to cry. And we laughed about it.

I was really crying when I turned away.

Sure, I’d seen The Boy and My Girl drive off to school in the Jeep a couple dozen times before. But not as a Senior. And a Junior. I felt like The Boy was driving away for good.

He didn’t even look back. But he did give the horn a honk.

The Little Boy was in constant motion this morning and could barely stop for a picture. Only one I snapped was of him not “in motion”. He was excited to be off.

I guess I shouldn’t be upset that none of them seemed the slightest bit upset that it was the first day of school. Each for different reasons…for My Girl, it’s ALL about the social. With The Boy, it was the beginning of his senior year. A definite milestone that he was anxious to embrace and enjoy. For The Little Boy, he was off to see his buds. And he was also the “upper classman” at his elementary school.

No, I shouldn’t be upset. We’ve done our job. Each was happy and excited to head out this morning.

I’m the only one having a problem with it. Well, me and The Man.
Notice HE wasn’t around for the send off this morning.

Linky Lovin’

Some blogs I have been glued to this week:

Kate at Small Scribbles. Wow. She is so real. So honest. I wept as I read this.
Kate at Small Scribbles. Part 2. I praised God as I read this.
Linda’s He’s a Raven. I am so there next August.
Teri asking for Prayer at Facedown. I so do the same exact thing.
Anna…I can’t help but rejoice with her.

And just as an aside…do y’all just LOVE Tim McGraw and Faith Hill? I love, love, love their song, “I Need You”. Find it. Buy it. Love it. I think I pray for their marriage as much as I pray for my own. Wouldn’t it be grand for them to just stick with it until ‘death do they part’?

New Beginnings

Today begins the last weekend before the 2007-2008 school year begins. Lots of new beginnings happening.

The Little Boy’s last year in elementary school. All three Darlings have attended this one (and only) elementary school. The Man took them all up for Open House yesterday:

All three had the same first grade teacher. When The Man the three Darlings walked in, she burst into tears. There was a long line to see her and she ran over and told them to please, please come back in a bit when the line eased up. Here they are:

They popped in to see The Little Boy’s teacher from last year. Again, all three have had him. He had just said to My Girl, “so…what happened to all of your Pooh fat?” Oh yes, so like him. You can see My Girl’s reaction.

He was NOT My Girl’s favorite teacher.

And finally, they popped in to see The Little Boy’s 6th Grade teacher this year. Again, The Boy and My Girl both had her.

She was My Girl’s favorite teacher, EV-er. The Boy told The Little Boy, “you will LOVE her”. I have to say, she was one of my faves of the Darling’s teachers, too.

More beginnings. Last night was also My Girl’s first real season varsity volleyball game. Varsity plays best of 5. They took 3 of 4. Shouldn’t have had to go to four, but it is the first real competition My Girl’s team has had. They have crushed everyone in their scrimmages and tournaments. It was good to see them have some real competition. All of the games were close. You can tell by the look on My Girl’s face that they were not used to losing a game and having such close scores.

She’s brutal on herself. I can NOT for the life of me figure out where she gets it from.

More new stuff. The Boy’s senior year. Scary stuff.
My Girl just got her learner’s permit. SCARIER stuff, believe me. She’s not driving my car!
For some reason, I always think of the new school year as even more of a new start than New Year’s. I’ve been journaling a lot lately about ME. Am I really This Girl? There is definitely still a lot of That Girl in me. And I do not like her. So, I’m looking at some things I want to change.
God, being So Good, keeps bringing me back to the Proverbs 31 Woman. Yes…she does a ton of stuff in her day, but His focus is on her heart, her character, her love of her God and how all of that flows into what she does. Natalee (love her!) reminded me today that yes, God does indeed focus on all of that and the fact that she loves her husband and children next. And how it must please Him that she does, even if the house doesn’t get completely cleaned and laundry piles up.
Thank you for helping with the Ah-Ha moments today, Natalee.
This is a long blog post tonight. Thanks for hanging in there with me, the two of you that made it this far!
Hugs and Blessings…