Two Pairs of Free Shoes!

Go here and check it out! But I’M GOING TO WIN THEM.


It Doesn’t Count if They are Bible Study Books, Right?

Ahhh….addictions. We humans are woefully addicted, aren’t we?

Okay. I AM WOEFULLY ADDICTED! To Books. And Coffee. Let’s begin with the books this morning, shall we?

I HAD to purchase two books. I mean, I ran across them on another blog and they were HIGHLY RECOMMENDED as MUST HAVES if you are serious about your bible studying. I am oh, so, serious about my bible studying. So, I had to have this and this. I can hardly wait for them to arrive so that they can join the stacks of my other study helps.

And the coffee.

Sweet. Nectar. Of. Life.

I could have sent The Boy to Caribou. But that is all the way over on the other side of town! I mean, it would be a waste of gas (and we all know how expense that is) and his time (he has many, many projects to catch up on for me) and really. I just plain needed me some good, coffee shop brewed coffee. So I relented. And I sent him to the dreaded Starbucks. He knows my feelings about Starbucks lately. But he laughed out loud when he walked in. They were brewing my absolute favorite. Verona. Ohhhhhh…..yesssss. Life is suh-weet!

But I’m not going back again. Nope. I’ll just send The Boy. And once My Girl gets her license, I’ll send her.

Ups and Downs

Yesterday was back-to-school shopping day with My Girl.

Talk about an emotional rollercoaster!

We started the morning sniping at each other. But we were cheery and chatty once we got into the car. But that quickly turned back to a “discussion” that escalated to her announcing, “I am just NOT going to talk about this anymore.” At which time she promptly turned up the music and turned down the window to drown me out.

Oh. No. You. Di’int.

So I promptly shut off the radio and put her window back up (love those power window controls on the driver’s side) and calmly continued our conversation. And we were back to cheery and chatty by the time we reached the mall.

I really didn’t mind shopping for her. All for her. All about her. We ate at Chick-fil-a…I mean, it doesn’t get any better than that!

She has lots of new clothes, two new pairs of shoes and headbands and earrings (oh my) and even had the cartlidge in her right ear pierced, which we had talked about doing for awhile.

So, why is it that on the way home, I suddenly reailized my voice had risen to the “warning…brain anuerism emminent” level and she was crying and sobbing and yelling back? Ah. The joys of having a teenage girl.

What is the catalyst for all of this, you might be asking? One friend of hers. One single, stinkin’, so-called-friend of hers that she has known for 11 years.

Friend has most definitely gone down the wrong path. Made bad choices. Doing very bad things. My Girl wants to help her. Save her. Influence her. Bring her back from the dark side. She’s always been the champion of the underdog and it is one of the things I absolutely adore about her. But not this time. Friend is in some serious, dark stuff and it is time to let that relationship go. And My Girl actually had. But now Friend has become obsessed with calling My Girl. Texting her. Showing up at her games.

So, after yet another blow up about all of this, we both apologized to each other and were back to cheery and chatty the rest of the day. And, I haven’t forgotten Who is really in charge. I have laid all of this out before Him, repeatedly yesterday and last night, and I know that He has a handle on it and that He is already working on My Girl. And I pray that He is also working on Friend.

What was I thinking????

Remember when I posted that I was back? God is NOT letting me forget it! Every time I turn around, He is convicting me that I am This Girl and not THAT Girl anymore. I would like to say it is easy. But it’s not. Doable now and then would be nice.

The Boy had his 4 wisdom teeth extracted. He was under general anesthesia. One tooth was impacted. He was only under for about 20 minutes. When he came out and they took us back to see him…I’m sorry, I could not help but laugh out loud at him. He was SOOO loopy and was saying the most hilarious things. Over and over and over. The Man, who distinctly recalled feeling so out of sorts and upset when HE came out from under the general anesthesia, did NOT like me laughing. I, too, distinctly remember coming out from under it except that I was horribly, horribly sick to my stomach. So I think it is a blessing that we could laugh at him because he so obviously felt good! He even had me take his picture (repeatedly) with my cell phone camera. He would look at each picture and laugh and laugh and laugh. Darn, I wish I had thought to bring the video camera! As his head became clearer, he realized the folly of having his mother take his picture right after surgery and how she might be inclined to use them as leverage at a later date by threatening to send said pictures to his year book staff! Not that she ever would, of course. Nope. Not a chance. Maybe.

I’d like to ask y’all to toss up an arrow prayer for my BFF Jen. She is 36 (geriatric, by the way, according to her OB/GYN) and is pregnant. She has had some bleeding and cramping and it was tense until her sono yesterday. But everything looked fine. As a precaution, she is on bed rest for a week and goes back on Sept 5 for another sono. She has a very active 7 year old. Our group of gals will be helping her out a lot between now and the baby’s due date the end of March.

We’re one week out from the start of school. Can I get a hallelujah?! I’m ready for the routine, the structure, the glorious SILENCE in the house each morning. My heartbeat slows just thinking about it. Having said that, the first quarter of the school year is always tough…juggling school, work, sports, life…oy. I will be spending a lot of time in the Word, on my knees and exercising!

Hugs and blessings to all of you. Check out some of the lovely women I have links to on my side board. Their words are truly inspirational.

All in a Day’s Work…

I told Natalee on Friday that I have told The Man several times lately that I really need to have a mini breakdown, but I just don’t have the time.

The Mountain Boy returned late last evening and brought his momma many gifts. HE, at least, recognizes that gifts are my love language!

Here is my fave pic of him from his trip to Colorado:

We spent all day yesterday at a tournament with My Girl. They were undefeated in the tournament.

Here she is:

And today, The Little Boy had a football scrimmage. Yup…the controversy is over. He is not, apparently, in contention for QB. He’s too fast. He will be receiving on offense and playing safety on defense.

Today I spent the day eating. Or at least that is how I feel. Fat and bloated and yuck. I’m heading to my room to put my fat jammies on and read a book about losing weight.

The Boy gets his wisdom teeth out tomorrow. Another scrimmage for My Girl tomorrow night. Just another day…

And….I’m Back.

I have been gone. You didn’t realize it because I’ve hid it well. But if you really know me, you will have noticed that my posts recently haven’t mentioned a single reference to my God and Savior.

I really didn’t even know I was gone, truthfully. Oh, the signs were there, all right. The back pain. The comment from My Girl that included the words, “you” and “bipolar”. The unopened bible. The firmly closed journal. The sleepless nights. The confusion, anger, fatigue.

Yep. I was totally gone.

But I’m back now. I spent the last couple of weeks straightening up and redecorating My Pit. And it looked mah-va-lous! It really did. I changed it around a bit, spruced it up, and settled in for the long haul.

Lying in bed (deep down in my comfy, cozy pit), I finally looked at my surroundings and realized…

I had done it again.

Without even realizing it, I had dived headlong into The Pit again. I’m sure I just tested the waters a bit ago…stuck my big toe in and liked it. Before I knew it, I was completely submerged. I can clearly trace my path. The fog has now lifted and I can see the thoughts and actions laid out before me like a chocolate cookie line of temptation.

Thankfully, My God is Good! He gave me a little shake (okay, a big thump on the head) this morning. I think it was when I swirled around my brain the fact that I really didn’t think I was saved.


I was Doubting My Salvation.

Talk about a wake-up call!

So I did something that That Girl would never have done. I ran straight for my journal and my bible and begged for mercy, clarity and grace.

And, don’t ya know…I got it!

Oh, how I love His Word!

He led me straight to John and Philippians and a snippet of Hebrews.

As I read His Sweet, soothing Word, I could feel the pain, the anger, the fatigue leave my very soul and the light returned.

John 6:39.
And this is the will of him who sent me, that I shall lose none of all that he has given me, but raise them up at the last day.

My Life Application Study Bible puts it Oh So Assuringly:

“Jesus said he would not lose even one person whom the Father had given him. Thus anyone who makes a sincere commitment to believe in Jesus Christ as Savior is secure in God’s promise of eternal life. Christ will not let his people be overcome by Satan and lose their salvation.”
I don’t know about y’all, but that pretty much seals the deal on my way of thinking.
Let’s hear a GLORY! out there from the Beth Moore Groupies!

It is so good to be Home again.

I am Totally Unprepared for This.

“This” being our oldest going into his senior year in high school.
His senior portrait proofs arrived in the mail today and when I opened them, anxiously waiting to see them, the first one I saw was this one:

And then this one:

And I immediately started to cry. The Man, who had already seen them and I BET YOU had already had a good weep over the entire package, gave me the “psycho wife” look and went back to trying to send out an email.

I sat here, blubbering like an idiot, my mouth hung open, head shaking back and forth, repeating over and over, “I’m just not ready for this”, looking over picture after picture, and he’s trying to send out emails!

One would think that after 24 years of wedded bliss, The Man would know what to say. I finally asked him if he had a little cry when he first opened the picture package and he snorted and said, “uh…NO!” I totally do not believe him. He’s worse about this stuff than me.

I do like all of the pics, but I have to say that these two catch the essence of our oldest child the best:

And here is a picture of my father when he was 22 and graduating from Pennsylvania Military College:

He and The Boy look a lot a like.

Oh, and my revenge for the lack of comment/emotion shown by The Man during my mini-breakdown…
The Boy, who is still in Colorado, had Best Bud’s mom call ME…The Mom…to tell me that he was okay and they would be coming into town tomorrow and he’d call then. That’s right…no phone call to The Dad. Just The Mom. I love That Boy.

End of a Love Affair

I ended it today. Called it quits. Finissimo. Finished. Done deal. Ain’t happenin’.

Oh, it was steamy, exciting for a time and comfortable. But now, like most love affairs, it has become stale and boring. The excitement is gone. One of us just seemed to not care anymore. One of us just gave up trying and has consistently become down-right-rude. Oh, I know that you aren’t ALL like this. There are some good ones still out there. But, you have ruined me for all of the others. I’ll never be able to love again.

It wasn’t really just one thing. And it wasn’t me. It was you. Your moodiness just became too much. Some days when I would see you, you were loving and welcoming and anxious to please. But more and more frequently, you have become rude and abrupt and today, well…today was the final straw. Standing around waiting for you for 10 minutes and then to have you just IGNORE me and instead reach out and talk to the person behind me. Well, it was just more than I could take. And so, I’m ending it.

My love affair with Starbucks is officially over.

Nothing Bothers This Kid

When The Little Boy announced he was going to play QB for his football team, his father was elated. The Man pretty much sat the bench when he played football. Living vicariously through our children’s sports, as he is want to do, the QB news was pretty sweet.

And then a couple days ago, The Little Boy, in passing, mentioned there was “a new kid” who had been on vacation and HE would be the new QB and The Little Boy would be the wide receiver. Said with a shrug and a grin…The Little Boy was over it and had moved on.

Not. So. The. Man.

It doesn’t matter that the wide receiver SCORES the touchdowns, the QB makes it happen and also leads the team. I do have to give The Man some credit, though…he was tickled pink by The Little Boy’s reaction to the entire event…pretty much like he reacts to everything. In a laid back, quiet way.

Interesting since this child emerged from the womb screaming and basically screamed for the next three years any time he was out of my sight/off my hip. If he had been the first child, he would definitely have been the ONLY child. I like to think he got it all out of his system in those first three years.

So back to The Little Boy’s first scrimmage yesterday.

There he was, leading his team in warm-ups. Usually reserved for the QB position. The Man and I were wondering what was going on. He did a lot of passing during warm-ups. What’s the deal? He started as QB in the scrimmage and was the only QB during the scrimmage (ran for 4 touch downs, by the way, one on a fumble he picked up on the left side and turned back around and ran around the right side). He outran everyone. EVERYONE. Have I mentioned he is freakishly tall? He’s only 11, but could easily pass for a 9th grader. Even six months ago, I wouldn’t exactly call him “fast”…all arms and legs, he just couldn’t seem to coordinate them and get moving in high gear. But there he was, smokin’ everyone on the run.

Oh yes, there was a whole lotta grinnin’ coming from The Man this day.

After the scrimmage, The Man asked our third child what was up with QB position? He gave us “the look” (you know the one…where they look at you like you’ve grown three heads and are speaking in alien tongue) and replied, “oh, guess they decided I’m the only quarter back after all” and kept on walking.

The Man and I, completely nonplussed by the delivery of this response gave each other a high five and followed after him like the happy, proud parents we are.